Team Dimensions Profile® 2.0

Team Dimensions Profile® 2.0

Capitalizing on individual approaches to group processes is the key to creating high performance teams.

Team Dimensions Profile and team assessment provides team members with self awareness about how they tend to think and behave when working with a group. Participants learn to value their own contributions and the contributions of others. The Team Dimensions Profile provides a process to follow to turn ideas into action plans.

Discover the Right Roles for the Right People
The Team Dimension Profile identifies four key roles in team performance:

Creator: Generates original concepts, goes beyond the obvious, and sees the big picture. Hands off tasks to an Advancer.

Advancer: Recognizes new opportunities, develops ways to promote ideas, and moves toward implementation. Hands off tasks to a Refiner.

Refiner: Challenges and analyzes ideas to detect potential problems and may hand plans back to an Advancer or Creator before handing off tasks to an Executor.

Executor: Lays the groundwork for implementation, manages the details, and moves the process to completion.

The Team Dimensions Profile uses the unique "Z Process" to map the flow of assigning roles, completing tasks and handing off to the next team member. Many senior management teams develop strategic plans using the Z-Process in the Team Dimensions Profile.